published Fri, October 07, 2011

Membership and services

Our services are developed in collaboration with professionals from many sectors. Maritime, oil and gas, offshore, shipping and energy; we work with a wide range of companies to provide you with the best possible services at all time.

Membership is available to companies in the industries worldwide.
The Procurement Wheel services are at no cost to customers.


THE PROCUREMENT WHEELprocurementwheel64x64.png

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More visible and accessible to more customers worldwide with Maritime & membership:

  • Listings in the Wheel to be included in customers' Search Lists, Distribution Lists and Short Lists to:
  • Receive enquiries and RFIs, Requests for Interest from customers worldwide.
  • Listings in the New Products and Services Section.
  • Statistics for analysing your competetiveness.

Save time and cost - More professional and effective procurement - QA procurement process - At no cost:

  • Create Search List by selecting subcategory(ies) - edit/export Short List.
  • Send Enquiry or RFI, Resuest for Interest:
    use Search List as Distribution List, add more recipients.
  • Collect Response List - edit into Short List - export to your further procurement process.
  • Create  list of new products and services - edit/export Short List.

Be updated on your supplier options, new products and services, who can meet your delivery...

1294224468_news.pngTHE NEWS PAGES

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Members: More visible to more customers worldwide.

  • All members' press releases are published.
    Send press releases to
  • News feeds from requested media.
  • Event news - a self service.

A quick update on industry news worldwide.

  • Company press releases, new products, services, technologies and innovations you should know.
  • News feeds from requested media.
  • Event news - a self service.

1294224085_cal.pngEVENT NEWS - An online self service from the news page.

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Maritime & Energy connects business online - whilst:

  • Conferences & exhibitions:
    important issues, listen, learn, meet....

Maritime & Energy connects business online - whilst

  • You may promote your events to your target groups for them to meet, listen, learn... 
    using the no cost self service.

Go to News Page, click Submit events, and submit your own event today!.

icon-newsletter.pngTHE WEEKLY NEWSLETTER BY E-MAIL - Online Subscription

Distribution: 34.000 worldwide - customers, idividual purchasers, project engineers and industry professionals
in cooperation with members - Better together.

Suppliers Customers
  • All members' press releases, new products and services are distributed.
  • News you should know directly in your mailbox.


The number of anonymous impressions and clicks is important - if you are selling consumer goods to anyone.
We work together with suppliers, customers and individual purchasers to facilitate business - more direct?
And we cover the maritime, oil and gas, offshore, shipping and energy sectors worldwide - Also: Compare our prices!

Suppliers Customers
  • Members have 50 % discount on banner ads.
  • Your company's reputation v your worldwide customers and suppliers.
  • Promoting events

More information

1294224748_userconfig.pngBECOME MEMBER TODAY - Online Application

Be more visible and accessible to more customers worldwide. The membership benefits include:

  1. Listings in The Procurement Wheel to be included in:
    - Customers' Search Lists and Short Lists
    - Customers' Distributions Lists for enquiries and RFIs, Requests for Interest
    - Customers' Enquiry and RFI Response Lists and Short Lists. 
    Also listings in New Products and and Services Lists. Global marketing of your new products/services for 12 months. 
  2. All your press releases published and distributed to customers and industry professionals worldwide in the
    Weekly Newsletter by e-mail.
  3. 50 % discount on banner ads.
Suppliers Customers

The Membership Fee per company for 12 months, date/date, excluding vat:

$ 1,500    -    € 1.050    -    £ 900    -    NOK 8.000

Most customers are also suppliers.
Become member and take advantage of the benefits.

Recommend your suppliers to become members;
- enabling them to take advantage of the benefits
- increasing the value of the services to yourself
- supporting us in improving and creating new
win/win solutions.


Date: 29/09/2010